Standing Tall: Dover-Eyota Teacher Receives Life-Changing Prosthetic

“(ABC 6 News) — If you see someone with a prosthesis, most of the time we never get to know the person behind it. Deb Vosler’s story started with a moment that many of us couldn’t imagine what the next step would be.

“It was back in 1975. I was playing ball in college and just as I landed on a block, my feet were stable on the ground and one of my teammates hit me from the side and took out both of my knees,” Vosler said.

Deb’s life revolved around playing the game that brought her so much joy, and when she was hit little did she know, it was something she would never recover from.

“This one was so injured that it couldn’t be repaired,” Vosler said.”

Read the full story and watch the video, here.

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