Resident Prosthetist and Orthotist, COF

Meet Trent.

“I love searching for the perfect fit and trying new techniques and different products to give people the best chance at achieving their goals.“

Hello, my name is Trent Kerrigan.

While getting my undergraduate degree from Luther College I always knew I wanted to continue my education in the health field following graduation. One of my college professors recommended that I consider Orthotics and Prosthetics. After job shadowing for a few months, I knew I was hooked.

I love interacting with everybody, joining them on their journey, and getting to share all the memories (good or bad) along with them. Their passion, emotion and appreciation for what we do motivates me every day to give them the best care I can give. Whether it’s searching for the perfect fit, trying new techniques or different products, I am happy to help people achieve their goals.