Lincoln, NE

Limb Lab is pleased to announce that it has hired Jason Dean, who will assume the role of Principal Clinician in Limb Lab’s brand new, state-of-the-art, 5,000 square foot facility in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. Jason, a certified prosthetist and orthotist, has served the Lincoln community for 15 years. We are delighted to support his industry-leading clinical skills and deep compassion.

Joining Jason in Lincoln is certified orthotist David Carstens along with Medical Coordinator extraordinaire Betsy Mick. Jason, David and Betsy have worked together in Lincoln for a decade-and-a-half; indeed, we have seen them finish one another’s sentences. This is good news for Limb Lab’s clients: The seamlessness of this team’s work together will bolster Limb Lab’s fundamental mission of delivering the highest quality patient-care.

Limb Lab is a cutting-edge prosthetics and orthotics clinical practice that focuses relentlessly on its clients’ well-being. Limb Lab also embraces good design: Its offices are vibrant and modern, and its clients are invited into its laboratory to participate in the fabrication process. Please contact Limb Lab’s Chief Growth Officer Brian Childs with questions about the company’s new Lincoln office. Brian can be reached at and 507-993-7053.

110 S. Canopy Street Suite-A
Lincoln, NE 68508
P: 402-314-4741 F: 402-385-9605

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